Saturday, April 14, 2012

My most recent gemstone purchases are smaller, daintier gemstones, mostly faceted briolettes and some tiny rondelles. Although I say these are my most recent purchases, they've been in my studio for a while! Maybe it's been my brain trying to figure out just the right designs to make with them so I don't waste them! Especially since I have a limited quantity of quite a few of these. 

But in the last couple weeks I've created a few new necklaces with these gems. One of which, Dancing with Dryads, is now seen in my banner for my blog and website. 

My 2nd one is pictured here. I bought these swirly smoky blue pietersite briolettes at the last Gem & Jewelry Show in Rosemont that I attended... had to have 'em! And now they debut in this necklace, Spirit of the Sea.

Added a few other smoky blue stones... kyanite, sodalite and some deep metallic blue Swarovski crystals... wire-wrapped them all together with a nice dangly pendant cluster, and I MUST have one of these for myself!!  :)

You can find this necklace on my website here.

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