Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've been working on something new and so so so fun and exciting and I'm thrilled to finally have some photos to show what I've been doing!! I've started wirework. There are lots of possibilities with wirework and I've been creating so may new things, trying to find my "niche" in this. So many things I was creating just wasn't quite right. Either it didn't represent the style I want for my jewelry, or it just wasn't pretty enough... well, tonight I finally created a couple pieces that I just loved! Then I tried them on, and they're gorgeous!!! Sparkly sparkly with an abundance of Swarovski crystals!! Ooooh, just look!! Now, my husband thinks he's not going to see me for a few days now that I've discovered this new fun... he may be right! I'm going to keep making stuff, and I'll keep you posted!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I have completed the first piece in my Energy Jewelry line!

This is the Love bracelet. Wear this bracelet to draw deep, passionate, true love to you, or to remember and keep your significant other close at heart.

Pink and red represent love, so I have included Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls in these colors. Rose quartz is a gemstone that symbolizes love. This bracelet contains faceted rose quartz, to represent all the facets of your relationship, and also smooth rose quartz, to symbolize the eternal circle of love and to assist in smooth sailing in your relationship. I have included white freshwater pearls because white pearls are a classic, eternal jewelry... just as your love is eternal. There are 3 deep burgundy freshwater pearls to represent deep love and passion. To wrap it all up, I have added a sterling silver heart charm and an sterling silver eternity charm.

This bracelet was then infused with the energy for Love. It has been placed in a rose-lavendar-jasmine herb mixture. Jasmine is an herb that helps luck in love. It is also an aphrodisiac. Lavendar is used for happiness and love. Rose is for love, sexuality, and beauty. It awakens sensuality and activites feminine energies. Finally, the bracelet was wrapped around a burning red candle anointed with lavendar oil to also infuse love energy into this bracelet.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have been doing so many new things lately with the jewelry... it's exciting and time-consuming!! So I haven't been at my weekly blog posts like I had hoped. But I'll catch up!

I have another great new line of jewelry I will be debuting soon. I think I'm going to keep the name nice and simple and just call it Energy Jewelry. Easy enough! I believe in believing in things! I believe that if you focus the right energy, you will find what you're looking for. Energy is just floating around out there, waiting for you to tap into it. Like they say, the first step in getting something is to believe in it.

My Energy Jewelry line will be mostly bracelets, and will contain colors and gemstones in different "energies". Patience, success, luck, love, hope... I have about 20 different "energies" so far. Right now I am heavily researching gemstone and color properties to put together the perfect combinations for my Energy Jewelry. I will also be infusing each finished piece with its corresponding energy.

These pieces of jewelry will serve somewhat as a channeling device. For example, take the Harry Potter books/movies. Witches and wizards use a wand to "channel" their magic. Now, they don't NEED one, as you'll see the professors don't always use their wand to perform magic. But the children do need their wands, it assists them, it gives them a means to "focus" their spell. This jewelry will be your wand! It will be the device to help you focus and channel your energy to help you achieve your goals. Wear your Energy Jewelry daily and put it under your pillow when you sleep... it will serve as a constant reminder and a constant motivator for you.

Some of these pieces will have my own handcrafted .999 fine silver charms. I am in the process of designing these charms. I'm hoping to have something done this weekend. I have a long Saturday with dog training, but Sunday is a free day! Hopefully by Sunday night I'll have at least one bracelet finished and posted here on my blog and on my website!

One other thing that I've been working on 'til the wee hours of the morning is my photography. I am re-shooting all of my jewelry with new lighting and backdrops and I can't believe how vibrant the pictures are! The colors and clarity are just amazing! As I complete each photo session, I am uploading all the new photos onto my website. So check out the new photos of everything at It's a tremendous difference!

I am also in the process of applying to many local art shows this year. I will update my 2008 show schedule on my website as shows are confirmed.

I also need to find more galleries and boutiques for my jewelry this year. But that is quite time-consuming!! Driving all over Chicagoland, researching the right stores for my style of jewelry and then meeting with store owners and buyers... it's quite a process!! There's one store that I just absolutely love in Lake Geneva called Cornerstone Shoppe. It's my favorite place to shop and has all sorts of wonderful unique things. It's under new ownership and unfortunately she had a massive stock of jewelry at the time I talked to her last year. I will be contacting her in the upcoming weeks to try to get in there by the summer. If you'd like to help my cause, you can call the store and ask if they carry Symphony Jewels' beautiful line of jewelry!! :) Then suggest they need it in their store!

Otherwise, stay tuned, Energy Jewelry is coming soon!!