Friday, April 27, 2012

Wow, where do I begin???  I've been engrossed in all sorts of jewelry stuff for the last few weeks.  I'm lovin' it, but the hours and days just slip by!!!

A few updates...
  • More gorgeous beads!!! I just received a few wonderful briolettes, in peach & pink chalcedony, mystic green quartz, green apatite and rubellite quartz. I don't have many of these, so these jewelry pieces will be very limited and very special!

  • And I couldn't stop there, I ordered more gorgeous gemstones due any day now!  I figured  if I have to miss the upcoming gem and jewelry show next weekend because I'm too pregnant to walk around, I better order some through the mail to make me feel better.
  • I also have some more sterling silver wire coming so I can do a lot more wire wrapping.
  • I've been posting a bunch of jewelry to my Etsy store. Check it out at
  • More jewelry photo shoots!!  This pendant is called Malaysia and can be seen at my Etsy store or website. I hand cut metal sheet into an oval pendant shape, filed the edges smooth and hammered it for a lot of texture. Then I added a rich patina to the pendant, hung a couple chain danglies and a copper and sterling silver charm, on a gunmetal chain.

  • The studio relocation (from the new baby's room to the office) will be complete this weekend. (So will some much-needed housekeeping!!!)
  • I've been updating my website and my database so that inventory is perfect!!
  • I've also discovered Tophatter, an online auction site. Nothing like ebay! Users gather in an auction room and bid right there on the spot. There's plenty of socializing and plenty of cool things! I'll elaborate more in another blog post. But if you'd like an invitation, email me at for one!
Okay, that's enough for now!  Gotta get back to it all!

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