Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring 2006 Fashion Trends

The new 2006 fashion trends are already swarming stores and magazines and adorning all the Hollywood starlets!

Anything that makes a statement!

Crystals, sequins and rhinestones are glamming up everything in the fashion world – shirts, jackets, camis, jeans, capris, dresses, shoes, handbags, belts. Accent your new spring fashions with our signature crystal jewelry.

Jewelry is going bigger, longer and bolder!


Chandelier earrings are on the backburner, but big and long is still stronger than ever! Earrings are now long and drapy; see our Crystal Cascade earrings (available in any color). And dangling clusters are in; see our Autumn Breeze earrings.


Necklaces and bracelets are also going bigger. Natural stones and pendants are a hot item. Also, multiple strands and the use of chains in different color tones, sizes and shapes. Mixing gold and silver is very trendy right now. So mix and match your new stuff with your traditional stuff! Chunky is still going strong. Pendants are super-popular and add that focal point to a necklace. Pearls are being used in current designs, mixed with other media. And stay focused on unique and unusual pieces. Accessories are huge this year!

Stay tuned to our “New Items” link for all the newest creations in 2006’s latest styles.

Friday, March 03, 2006

3/3/06 ~ I am continually updating the "New Items" page with all of my latest creations. One of my new styles is featured here. This is the Teka bracelet, featuring smoky quartz and botswana agate gemstones. These are wonderful neutral colors partnered with a gorgeous, intricately detailed sterling silver Bali bead and fine silver Hills Tribe beads. Linked with sterling silver wire and finished with a rope twined sterling silver Bali toggle clasp. This piece is beautiful, unique and matches just about anything!

Prom season and wedding season are approaching!! Browse my current items to see what would look beautiful with that dress!! Or custom order a perfect match. There is a "Custom & Bridal Jewelry" link on my site (, but currently it does not have any product photos, just information on custom ordering. I will be updating that and adding a link showcasing my Bridal Collection, hopefully this weekend.

I will also be adding a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to, which is also linked at my website. By signing up for my newsletter, you will receive emails with current fashion trends, new products, special discounts, upcoming shows, all that good stuff.

I've added more information to the "Policies and Guarantees" page, and will be updating it further this weekend with more care instructions for your fine jewelry.

For more information on my newest products, including the featured Teka bracelet, visit the "New Items" link at

Some of my new fun products include:
Riverwalk bracelet & earrings... an amazing turquoise and Swarovski crystal bracelet with matching earrings
Blue Marrakesh necklace... a flashy, sexy kyanite and Swarovski crystal necklace with danglies
Blue Tango necklace... for those of you who love blue, check out this Swarovski crystal, pearl and Bali sterling silver piece. Wear it for any occasion!
Sonoma bracelet... earthy and neutral, this bracelet has crazy lace agate in a fun and different shape accented by sparkly smoky Swarovski crystals
Scarlet necklace... deep dark and intriguing! This necklace is made with a dark red jasper, sparkly dark red and smoky black Swarovski crystals, and lots of sterling silver accents, with a red flower jasper pendant. THIS is certainly a statement!