Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Mess...

Over the months and years as I make jewelry and make messes at my workstation, things scatter around my studio, leftover beads and material get left out and it eventually adds up.  Probably about 2 years ago, I gathered up all this stuff, in my attempt at de-cluttering, and put it all in a plastic container.  I was trying to put it all in one place to more easily go through it.  But the plastic container got shoved out of the way on a shelf and forgotten.  

For the past week, I have been completely rearranging 2 rooms in the house to get ready for the new baby, due June 4.  My studio (the extra bedroom) is now turning into the baby's room and I am consolidating and packing half the office so I can move my studio into a section of that room.  So I stumbled across this tucked away plastic container.  

I've at least opened it to see what's in it.  Some beads, some finished jewelry pieces, some stuff that needs re-design or repair, some practice wirework stuff... and it's now my goal to finally get this mess taken care of!  I will try very hard to be more disciplined in the future and put stuff back where it belongs right away, so I don't have to deal with this again!!

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