Friday, March 04, 2011

Studio Under Construction
My studio, a.k.a. the guest room, is under construction. Which is a wonderful thing! Right now that room is jam-packed with all of my jewelry supplies, art supplies, a bed, a workstation, some shelving and the closet has all of my art show setup gear. It's a disaster! I can barely breathe in that room... it's so cluttered! But my wonderful husband is fixing that. We still need a guest room because of all the entertaining we do, but I also need a well-organized area to get away and create. So my husband is building a beautiful wall unit around the bed, so I can have all the storage I need without everything being out in the open and looking cluttered, and the bed can stay! It's coming along nicely, except that he forgot about some ductwork and phone/cable lines that need to be moved. Good thing he's handy! All shelving should be up and installed in the next few days. Then we have to stain it and my supplies can go into their new home! At some point down the road, the drawers will be built and drawers and doors will be installed. I've also thrown out the idea that I need a sturdy workbench for all of my hammering and soldering. I can't wait to see the finished product! And then I can design in my new zen!

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