Monday, July 21, 2008

August 24, Sunday, 10-5
A Walk in the Park Art Show
North School Park,
410 N. Arlington Heights Rd
Near downtown Arlington Heights

This posting is a week late. I couldn’t quite get it out in time before my vacation last week!

Monday, July 14, 2008
I just wrapped up my weekend at the Arts in the Park show in Northbrook hosted by D&W Events. Another great show!! We were super-lucky with the weather. All week I watched the weather reports that predicted scattered thunderstorms on Saturday and temperatures in the 90’s all weekend. I was prepared for a hot humid rainy weekend. Luckily, it was all wrong! Saturday was a bit gloomy in the morning, but everything cleared up by mid-day. We had milder temperatures and humidity than expected both days. My booth originally wasn’t in the greatest location, but I requested to move to a better spot if there were any cancellations, and the show holder moved me to a prime location, just a few booths down from the food vendors on the main path. The stars were aligned perfectly! Sales were great, and one of my most fabulous statement necklaces sold. Margaret, I hope you enjoy it!!

It was great to see those of you who were able to make it out to the show! It’s always nice to see familiar faces. Thank you for taking the time to visit and to recommend my jewelry to your friends.

I wasn’t able to socialize or visit other booths as much as I like to, but I did see a few interesting booths with some wonderful artwork. There were dogs-a-plenty (and I love furry critters!), so I was drawn out of my booth several times to get some puppy kisses. At the end of Sunday, a couple who runs a bird rescue walked by with 2 cockatoos. I never realized there was a bird rescue. I’ve always wanted an African Grey or a Cockatoo. If the day ever comes to get one, I know where I’ll go to give a sweet bird a home. Now to convince the husband………

I am also happy to report that all of my newest designs sold! My metal and wirework has been flying off the shelf, so I’ll have to restock before my next show in August. I sold enough of all of my designs to now justify making more products. Earlier this year, I decided to have a “maximum quantity” of pieces in stock at any time. I have compartment trays for my bracelets and necklaces, and I decided not to make anything new as long as my stock exceeds the number of compartments available. After the last few shows, I am well under my maximum stock! I’m looking forward to creating some brand new designs in the upcoming weeks.

The bad news I only have one more summer show left this year. It’s been a busy year with weddings, vacations, and other family commitments, so my weekends available for art shows were limited. If you haven’t seen me yet (or even if you have!) stop by my last summer show. I hope to have my metal & wirework display full by then. August 24, Sunday, 10am-5pm, “A Walk in the Park” art show is located at the beautiful North School Park, 410 N. Arlington Heights Rd, near downtown Arlington Heights. This has always been my favorite show of the year. I hope to see some of you there!!

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