Wednesday, October 26, 2005

10/26/05 ~ Strange Bella...

I have one little girl, a powdery grey tabby named Bella. She's awesome! Almost the best kitty ever. My Tiki has that title right now, he always will. Bella is hysterical... almost fearless. She at least has no fear of the 80 lb. Samoyed that tramples around the house, or the Sheltie who wants to befriend all the critters here. She has no fear of the other cats who are old, and ornery, and have seasoned claws. She makes her own rules and runs her own ship. She has this quirky little habit that she developed under quarantine. I adopted these 2 poor kittens from the shelter and they came home with ringworm. What a dreadful hideous thing!! 7 months of topical lotion, pills, weekly antifungal baths, and sulfur dips. Yuk! I think that while quarantined in their small little part of the world, they developed habits to keep them occupied. Bella has a fascination with water. She learned to flip her food into her neighboring water bowl and let the food get soppy soft. When I dumped the grubby water into the sink, she'd hop in and eat the food. She then started flipping her food directly into the sink and subsequently learned how to turn the faucet on. Now that she's out and about, she no longer plays with her food, only her water. She doesn't drink like a normal kitty. She sits in front of the water bowl, swipes her paw ankle-deep into it, and licks the water off her paw. She'll do this 10 or 20 times, then traipse around the house with one wet paw leaving kitty pawprints all over.

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